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Bangalore Molestation – The RootCause 

I SAY NO to the 7th Jan  Protest !    We Must RIGHT NOW Stop portraying Women as Delicate Beings !

2012, Nirbhaya Case – months of protests, agitation, TRP’s, media reports, talk shows, panel discussions and every year since then cases of sexual abuse have constantly been rising. On it’s 4th anniversary we had a gang rape of a 16yr old and another one in the cab.

‘Know Your Enemy – Know Yourself
In a 100 battles you will never be in peril’ – Sun Tzu.

In School, we have multiple choice questions. We were told that the correct answer is one of the 4 choices. Today we are out of school but we still do the same. Select #Media sources gives us options to choose from and we BELIEVE that the answer to the problem in one of the 4. Have you ever thought – WHAT IF, the real cause is not even being listed as an option. What if it is being #Discredited even before one could identify that as the #RootCause ?

Come on people – Grow your brains. And look at the problem with some #EmotionalIntelligence. 

When you are carrying 50,000 rupees in cash from one place to the other, what are the aspects you think of ? You consider every single, possible way how someone could rob you of it. You keep it secured in a bag/suitcase, you decide to take secured transport, if you are bringing such cash from your shop at night to your home and you take an auto – you get down right at your gate and not at the end of the street. You take every single precaution not giving any adversary any chance to steal your money from you. You stay alert at all times. You don’t necessarily panic. But you are alert.
Now ask yourself this –

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You carry your LIFE with you every day. That is bloody more expensive than 50,000 bucks. What the f*#$ have you done to keep it safe while you are out ? People die everyday in road accidents, criminal attacks and what not. You read it in the news too. But you have done NOTHING to be able to secure yourself on a daily basis. On the contrary – You take it for granted that Police will look after your security, you look for a chance not to wear a helmet and put your precious life at risk. And then you have the courage to hold protests that Police/Government is to be blamed ?
When was the last time you proved to yourself that your life was important to you ? That you cared for it ? When did you take an action to build yourself mentally and physically to be able to protect yourself from a simple robbery or a chain snatching ?
If you’ve understood what I’m pointing at, then you know who is to blame. For every crime that happens to me – I’m responsible first. Coz the police cannot be omnipresent for a 1.3 Billion population. 

I suggest we get our acts together and look at building our women into strong individuals and not guard them like sheep. Women don’t need protection. They can take 57 Dels of pain (equivalent to 20 bones breaking at the same time) during labor. Something NO MAN can even fathom. Our women need to be built mentally and tactically.

Lets make our women into – #ForgetMeNot !    

I know the root cause. And it is NOT the #KarnatakaGovernment nor the #BangaloreCityPolice nor the #HighCourt.

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Your Weakness To Defend Yourself, Provokes The Adversary To Attack You
-Shri Ajit Doval (National Security Adviser to PMO)

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Nirbhaya – Beyond The TRP

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Are you Volunteering to be Sexually Abused ? 

Disclaimer – A good degree of rational thinking and emotional intelligence is required to understand this piece of writing. It has been written to help women understand how their ignorance can cost them their honor & life. And a life filled with mental agony. Read this a few times if you must.  

When you are abused once, you become a victim. When you are abused the 2nd time you’ve volunteered.

Every crime goes through a stage of planning. From an assassination to a terrorist attack. If you read through my earlier blog on security in the 21st century, you’d know that the best way to get ahead of any crime is to be able to predict it. While it’s easier said than done, prediction in the case of larger and professional crimes needs a whole team of people working tirelessly under extremely secrecy. But here we speak of crime and criminals that are among us. Watch this video for a better understanding of how close they really are ! 

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It’s good that the stats suggest how close your attacker is. Once you read the below, you’ll know how easy it will be for you to predict and detect malicious intent early on and deter any attack if you were trained in Personal Security. 

The Planning Process 

One of the greatest elements one needs to plan during a professional crime is the resistance they would face from the law enforcement or the armed forces that guard their target. All of the HVT’s  (High Value Targets) are well guarded by both overt (visible) and covert (invisible) equipment and personnel. However when it comes to crime against women in particular the adversaries don’t need such in dept planning. A few days of stalking and you are completely exposed. Specially given the proximity they are in. Let’s understand the elements that you have no clue about and the ignorance to which will make you a volunteer to being a victim.


  1. Counter Surveillance – As heavy as this sounds, it simply means to be able to identify if you are being stalked and watched. 
  2. Exit Strategy – Nope, we aren’t talking entrepreneurship. We talking about keeping your eyes open at all time to look for a way how you can escape from being  followed or post being attacked.
  3. Situational Awareness – You have NO CLUE what is happening around you when you are so engrossed into you smart phone. In fact it’s called a smart phone by your attacker coz it’s a smart device that blinds you from being aware of the possible attacker and his actions. 
  4. Tactical Response – You have NO CLUE of what to do when you are being followed, when you’ve been misbehaved with, when you’ve been eve teased, when you’ve received a harassment mail or message or been molested. It called tactical coz your response to this action is soo criticality important that it can either take you a step closer to becoming a victim or get your adversary a step closer to getting F’ed for life. 
  5. Tactical Unarmed Combat – Nope, I’m not talking about going thru months and years of martial art training. Trust me you don’t need that to save yourself from a situation. What you need is some simple and basic lessons in unarmed moves and tactical anatomy. In fact at Armored Spirit (Personal Security Training for Women)  I prove to the participants the effectiveness of these simple moves and how even those women who are not physically very strong can counter their adversary. 
  6. Basics of Psychology – “Know your enemy & know yourself – a hundred battles a hundred victories – Sun Tzu“. If you can read the mind of your adversary well, he becomes your victim. And if you know how to get control of your emotions during a threat situation then you can beat his malicious intent hands down. 

I hope it is crystal clear to you now, that – 

your ignorance to the above elements will get you to unconsciously volunteer for your abuse. Ignorance is a self inflicted crime that leads to one being a victim all their life in all situations.

You become victim to not just crime but all physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual domination by those around you. 

Through #ArmoredSpirit, I share my knowledge and experience on these elements helping women to take complete responsibility of their security and safety. With the party season coming close, it becomes more important for women to equip themselves with complete knowledge of the above elements and to remain secured at all times. Winter is also a good season to wear coats under which many items can be hidden. So your attention must be more sharper at all times. 

If you wish to seek help for an ongoing abuse, feel free to call or whatsapp our helpline. Needless to say we maintain complete secrecy. 

Helpline Call – +91 8073-680-835,       WhatsApp – +91 805-004-1238

Wishing you all a secured winter season,

Take Care and Take Charge,

Chucky Rowe
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Secret to women security & safety !

This write up is dedicated to all those women who lost their lives battling crime and waiting for justice. The intent, content, perspective and paradigm that I wish to share through this write up, is solely intended to bring a massive change in the way we look at crime against women. I will be grateful to all those who agree with my idea of women security to join me in creating a massive wave of inner strength that will absorb all women around us into the security zone. Please do share this article if you feel it worthy.

Now, lets get started !

I always like to define a few things before I can start. These definitions might not match those you will find on google but this is what will help you understand the below content well. So here we go !

VICTIM – One who cannot IDENTIFY & PREDICT the moves of their adversary.

DETER / DETERRENCE –  The act of deterring, is to avoid an incoming attack by acting first & fast. It also means taking proactive actions that will force the adversary to retreat even before he can attack.

Safety – The condition of being protected.

Security – The PROCESS of Identification and Elimination of all possible current/future threats and being Prepared for possible unknown elements, to attain a condition of being protected.

Ever since I remember watching Bollywood productions from the mid 1980’s, I’ve noticed something very interesting. Every production has a hero who makes his physical romantic advances towards the leading lady and it is SHE, who controls the fulfillment of the same. And there is a villain who makes the same advances by force and she resists till the hero can come for her rescue. Here the lady somehow is depicted (on purpose or by design) as not in control. If you just take the same situation in real life, women have been the ones who have been in COMPLETE CONTROL of situations. Starting from a kiss to consensual sex to living in relationships.

“Respect for movies like Gulab Gang and Akira that project a powerful image of a woman”.

NONE, of you will disagree on this. In fact you cannot. Because its a fact. No man can make any advances towards the women in their relationship without their consent. If one does, its become abuse and the relationship ends there. The point I am wanting to make here is YOU (the woman) HAVE BEEN, ARE and will ALWAYS be in control. So my question to YOU (the woman) is – Why are you being projected as a VICTIM ?

You say no for a kiss coz you have IDENTIFIED this guy’s intentions (maybe) or his commitment levels that don’t match yours yet and you have PREDICTED that this first contact might lead you to another, that which you do not desire. Hence, you are not called a victim here. Because you successfully used DETERRENCE !

Why are you (the woman) an easy victim of crime ? 

Because, you cannot IDENTIFY your adversary and PREDICT his moves. Why can’t you do that ? Because you and everyone around you have a wrong approach towards the type of criminals and crime that takes place against you. As a counter terrorism operative, I believe we have taken the wrong approach. We are talking about naming the baby without even initiating the process of finding a partner. We have put all our focus on women’s SAFETY without completely focusing on women’s SECURITY.

Best example I can give you is the fire ‘Safety’ drills in our corporate. They teach us to save ourselves from becoming a victim of fire. The fire squad, how ever are trained to PREDICT the fire based on situational conditions. Hence they can fight. However, if the fire is way too large, they also know how to get themselves out of its adverse effects. So safety is a destination that is the result of traveling on the path of security. However, so called training on women safety DO NOT talk about the path. The vehicle you must choose, is the path good, bumpy, straight, hair pin curves…. ? Don’t know !

The Million $$$ Question – Are you training yourself on Personal Security ? 

Common Women’s Safety Programs are what will not do any good to you. Someone who understands the difference between safety and security, will not use the word ‘Safety’ in their title. Learning martial arts might help you defend, it cannot help you DETER an attack. You cannot scare your adversary by taking a karate stance. By the way, in your real life you wear heels, skirts, saree. Do you train in martial arts with heels, saree, skirts ? Why not ? Ain’t it imp to train for realistic situations ? If not you just fooling yourself. If you are not learning something that can be applied in real life then its just a self satisfaction ride.

During my counter terrorism training at Israel, we were taught the importance of Deterrence. It is not wise to get into a fight always. It is wiser to learn how to Deter while keeping yourself secured. You don’t really have to become a black belt to deter or defeat your adversary. You need TACTICS. I’m not a body builder myself. But I know how to bring a terrorist down if he were to reveal himself to me. And I also know how to save myself if I cannot take him down. This is because – I’m trained in VIP Security & Counter Terrorism. Not VIP Safety.

ARMORED SPIRIT – Personal Security Training

What I’ve shared is the tip of the iceberg. My intention is to share the entire iceberg so that there is an IMMEDIATE change in crime statistics involving women. Armored Spirit is my first attempt to being a new paradigm change in Women Security in India. The program involves concepts from the Israeli Counter Terror doctrine that are worshiped world over. My intention is to impart such instruction in my programs that those who grow through (not go through) there programs can be certified ‘Fearless’. This will give you the freedom to wear what you want, do what you want, go where you want,be what you want and have what you want – without having to worry about your Security and Safety.

I invite all those women and men who’d like to take this program to your friends, colleagues and communities, help me make the much needed paradigm change in our society. TOGETHER, we Will, we Can and we Must make women stronger.

A strong woman will raise a stronger child, who will make the society & nation more stronger. 

I look forward to your comments and feedback.

Take Care & Take Charge,

Chucky Rowe
Close Protection & Counter Terrorism Operative & Instructor*
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*in progress